Boost Online Traffic with Headline Analyzer Studio by Coschedule for Entrepreneurs with ADHD

When you live with ADHD, it can be tough to communicate in a way that’s short and to the point – especially when you’re sharing lots of great content with your customers and clients.  Now there’s a tool (and browser extension) by CoSchedule called Headline Analyzer Studio that can make your headlines go from moderate to amazing with the help of some fantastic features. I really love this tool. It's aneasy-to-use, visual tool, that takes a lot of the guesswork out of creating killer headlines.  Best of all, it’s lots of fun to use! 

Let’s go through the unique features of CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer Studio that can be especially helpful for ADHD'ers:

Headline Analyzer as a Browser Extension  

Headline Analyzer Studio browser extension on the ChromeFirefoxSafari, or Edge browser store allows you to seamlessly analyze your headlines wherever you write content. 

You can also access a history of past headlines, or reuse the format of past headlines that have worked best for you in the past. No need to go searching through past papers, documents, or files. Headline Analyzer Studio also takes away the prioritizing for you, by listing your best-scoring headline on top. No more agonizing over what headline will work best online. Headline Studio does it for you!


Word Balance

 With Word Balance, you receive a visual, color-coded report that tells you the types of words you used, so you can balance your headline with what Coschedule identifies as common, uncommon, emotional, and power words. This way your headline will perform best according to a balance of these word categories. 

You may click on each word bank and receive word suggestions and word replacements that will improve your headlines based on current industry data. For example, if you need more emotional words, you’ll receive some suggestions which you can then use with a “click” and replace the prior word. This is an excellent feature because you won’t get derailed by searching on another tab for a word that will work. It’s right in the Headline Analyzer Studio. 

Word Count and Headline Type  

Word count helps you to easily make sure you're not too wordy. Headline Analyzer Studio helps you hold in mind how you're capturing the attention of your reader. 


Sentiment tells you if your headline is positive, and inspiring engagement with your readers, neutral, not encouraging traffic, or negative, driving away traffic. In this section Headline Analyzer Studio also identifies the words that suggest the identified sentiment.  


Skimmability is one of my favorite parts of the tool. It provides a graphic of where your keywords and topic are in relation to your entire headline. Because individuals with ADHD tend to be visual, this graphic organizer can be extremely helpful for visualizing how your key topic is represented within the framework of your entire headline. 


To sum up, Coschedule's Headline Analyzer Studio is a simple, easy-to-access browser extension that provides visual clarity. 

The result is a brilliant Headline that will drive traffic to your outstanding content! 
You can get started for free today with Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer Studio and let me know how you like it!



 PS. Need more assistance with staying on track with running your business? 

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